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Why does the LCD screen of my computer become blank when I look at it through my polarized sunglasses?

How does this happen?
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  • colourmevintage


    As we konw that Polarizing lenses work by filtering out horizontal light that causes glare. LCD screen on the computer also have a polarizing filter, but they are commonly at around a 45 degree angle. That is to say, when you tilt your glasses at the right angle, all of the light is filtered out and the screen becomes blank.
  • handyhands


    Like the polarized lenses, LCD displays also have a polarizing filter, so when you tilt your polarized glasses at the right angle to the LCD screen, no light get in your eyes because all the light is filtered out and then you see blank on the screen.


    I think it is because the polarized sunglasses filter out the light that reflected from the LCD screen,there is no light coming into your eyes,so it becomes black.
  • Noah��


    It is the specialty of polarized sunglasses.I think this way can be used to examine whether the sunglasses is polarized or not.