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Ana williams


How to make my contact lenses less noticeable?

I wear contact lenses but I don't want to let people know.I just wonder how to make contact lenses less noticeable so that people can't notice.
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  • Brandon charles


    Colored contact lenses would make people look vivid and attractive. If you want to make your contact lenses less noticeable,you can wear the clear contact lenses which are invisible and people can hardly notice the contact lenses that you've worn.
  • duncan


    If you wearing clear contact lenses, others may easily to notice that you wearing contact lenses. If you want to make your contact lenses less noticeable , you can try some colored contact lenses. And the color of the lenses should the some as the color of your eyeball, or at least is similar to your eyeball color. One of my friend have such experiences. And wearing such colored contact lenses can make her contact lenses less noticeable.