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What is the best brand of frameless eyeglass frames for men?

I have heard that frameless glasses frames can get broken easily. What is the best brand of frameless eyeglass frames for men?
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  • Sue


    Not exactly. To get a pair of durable frameless glasses, you shall choose durable lenses and strong frames for the glasses. From this point, polycarbonate lenses and titanium glasses frames is the best chose for frameless glasses. And this has nothing with the brands of glasses. They are determined by the material made for the glasses. Anyway, i heard that Silhouettes frameless eyeglasses frames are good. Maybe you can have a try.
  • walkn0nsunshine


    The most famous brand is Silhouette from Austria, you can buy them on the internet. It is true that frameless glasses can get broken easily. But if you take good care of them, it may not gonna happened. I can give you some tips. Firstly, don't use just one hand when taking off or take on them. put them in the box if you intend to not to use them. Secondly, use soft cloth not something hard to clean them. Thirdly, check them offer, if the screw are loose, take them to the shop and let shop assistant help you to repair it. What is more, far away palaces with high temperature like stove, and never wear them when you are take a bath, especially sauna. hope my answer can help you.
  • Sara


    It is true that frameless eyeglasses can get easily broken, so it is of vital importance that you choose the pair with the utmost quality. Of all the brands in the world, Silhouette from Australia is one that excels in frameless eyeglasses. Their products are both excellent in quality and fashion, making them glasses wearers' favorite all over the world. You should really check them out. Go to their official websites and find out their products. You'll surely find many nice surprises there.
  • Makayla raphael


    In fact, there are a lot of brands of frameless eyeglass are of quite good quality. Among all, Silhouette is public praised brand for its features of comfortable, lightweight as well as inconspicuous. Besides, rimless glasses of this brand are available in a variety of styles and colors. As for the material of this kind of glasses, there are also plastic, metal and titanium offering to choose. Another one important thing I must emphasize is that they have a very special design, a push pin design. This kind of design will provide you a lot more convenience.