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Jada shelley


What are different types of swimming goggles?

I just want to know how many different types are there for swimming goggles?
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  • Nicholas campbell


    Yes, there are different types of swimming goggles including competition swimming goggles, practice swimming goggles, recreational swimming goggles and prescription swimming goggles. In details, competition swimming goggles are made with hydrodynamic design intended to help racers swim even faster. While the practice swimming goggles are goggles wearing for practice. Besides, the recreational swimming goggles are made for swimmers to use in pools or at beaches. As for the prescription swimming goggles are made for people who need vision aids.
  • tommy


    The swimming goggle can protect the area surrounding the eye to prevent water normally, chemicals and other harmful materials in sports. Normally there are a few types of swimming goggles. Firstly, the Swedish goggle is the simplest and the most traditional one and it can't be assembled. And the foam gasket goggle has larger, higher-profile lens and tend to be more decorative with more comfortable. And the silicone gasket one is more streamlined. The gasket goggle is more suitable for women and children due to its smaller size.

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