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What glasses can be used to protect eyes from fluorescent lights?

What glasses can be used to protect eyes from fluorescent lights? i am quite sensitive to light.
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  • crystal_jade13


    If you are sensitive to light, you can buy transition glasses, also called photochromic glasses. The transition glasses can react to sunshine and adjust to dark lenses automatically in sun and fade away when you out of the condition. But the glasses may need some times to react. If you very sensitive to light, you can carry a pair of sunglasses at anytime and anywhere so as to shield your eyes whenever you need.
  • Eric quick


    If you are sensitive to light, you may get photophobia. Sunglasses for people who have photophobia should block the strong light and blue light. Blue light can do extreme harm to the eyes and cause blurry vision. What's more, the strong light will cause eye strain to people with photophobia. Therefore a good pair of sunglasses for people with photophobia should not only block the blue light but also the strong light. In my opinion, BluBlocker Sunglasses are good for people who are sensitive to light because they can help relieve from eye strain and photophobia.
  • EDWIN Caster


    People with photophobia or light sensitivity usually feel discomfort facing with fluorescent lighting. Aimed at this kind of people, transition or tinted eyeglasses and sunglasses are recommended to help them. transition eyeglasses are often made to be clear inside and become darker outside facing the sunlight. They can also be made to be slightly tinted to help people to deal with fluorescent lights. Sunglasses can take the same effect. When you choose a pair of transition or tinted eyeglasses, you should especially pay attention to the darkness and tint. Darkness 1 and a rose tint are recommended to those who have to cope with fluorescent lights.

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