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Heather Kirk


How to read prescription for reading glasses?

I had my eyes examined last week, and I am confused about the numbers on my prescription paper. Can anybody help me? SPH: OD:+2.25, OS:+1.75 CYL: OD:+1.00 OS:+1.25 Axis: OD:40 OS:125 ADD:+2.25 near PD:62 far PD:64
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  • Jerry H.


    SPH power is the strength of your prescription,"+" refers to farsightedness or presbyopia,"-' refers to nearsightedness. OD stands for the right eye while OS stands for the left eye. CYL, cylinder is the diopters degree of the astigmatism. Axis is a number between 0-180 meaning the orientation of your astigmatism. There is no sign before this number. ADD means near additon which is used for making single vision reading glasses, computer glasses, bifocal & progressive eyeglasses. PD means pupil distance.Near PD is the pupil distance for seeing near, and far PD is the pupil distance for seeing far. If you need a pair of reading glasses, your SPH power, near PD/ far PD, ADD are all basically required to enter.As you have astigmatism, you are required to enter the CYL and Axis also.

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