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Whats the difference between Hard and soft Contacts?

I'm contemplating on getting some contacts,but don't know the difference between Hard and soft Contacts .And how do you get them in and out of your eye
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  • 04/17/2012

    For my experience , soft contacts are made of plastic-like material and are much more comfortable to wear and they are the best choice for most people . Hard lenses are uncomfortable and can fall out easily.But there are also some advantages over the soft lenses . They have better oxygen permeability than the soft ones and much easier to care .They can be used as long as 3 years if cared properly .Also they do a better job in vision correction than soft ones . For first time wearer ,it is better to choose the soft contacts as they are easy to get used to .
  • Alexander green


    soft contact lenses easily absorb remnants of soap and lotion from your hands, causing irritation in your eyes. You can get infected easily.
  • cupidityx


    Soft contact lenses that contain a higher concentration of water can be worn in the eye comfortably for longer periods of time than the hard contacts .