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Can I choose the 1.5 index lense even though I have srtong power?

I have a question about lens. While I will be getting a prescription shortly, I already know from past experience that the prescription is always high due to extreme nearsightedness. I realize that special glasses like sunglasses, polarized and bifocals are extra. But what about single vision, but high prescription lens? Can I choose the 1.5 index even if it results in thicker or bigger glasses to avoid the charge? I am on a very limited income, which is why I am considering buying glasses online. And I would like to know before I go to the eye doctor whether it's cheaper to do it through net or to just get it from them.
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  • Cary,K


    It is true that special glasses like sunglasses,polorized and bifocals are extra not only in local optical stores but also in online stores. As you konw that if you choose the 1.50 index the lenses would end up being too thick and heavy for the frame which will affect the overall look and comfortableness of your eyeglasses. Because the higher the prescription, the higher index is required for the lenses.Commonly it is not recommended to choose standard lenses, if you power is beyond +/- 2.00. Go and have your eyes examined and ask your ophthalmologist for some more advices. For my experience, online stores are 40%-50% much cheaper than local stores.