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What does peripheral vision loss look like?

Is there anyone who can explain to me what peripheral vision loss looks like? Is there anyway to treat peripheral vision loss?
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  • explosion_x3


    Peripheral vision loss mean that you don't have a normal, wide-angle field of vision. There are many problems cause peripheral vision loss, such as Glaucoma, Detached retina, Eye strokes, Brain damage, Retinitis pigmentosa and so on. Peripheral vision loss is a kind of serious disease, which is a medical emergency that must be treated as soon as possible to avoid permanent vision loss. And the treatment depends the causes, your doctor may provides you the best one.
  • Vivian


    Peripheral vision means that you don't have a normal, wide-angle field of vision. There are many causes can lead to it, and the most common cause of loss of peripheral vision is optic nerve damage from glaucoma. Also, stroke or injury can damage some portions of the brain where images are processed, leading to blind spots in the visual field.
  • b3a2b3y


    The loss of peripheral vision in all directions is sometimes called tunnel vision. The peripheral vision loss will make your eyes look with no spirit, with the eyelid drooping. Although peripheral vision loss can occur with a number of eye and even systemic conditions, it is most commonly associated with glaucoma, which causes deterioration of the optic nerve. You could go through the surgery to treat the peripheral vision loss as soon as possible. You’d better find the good hospital to do the surgery which will be safe and effective.

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