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Caleb may


Why does my pink eye keep coming back

I got pink eyes one year ago. Now, i see my eyes appear red and i feel itchy. Does the pink eye come back again? Why does my pink eyes keep coming back?
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  • Jordan smith


    Well, so sorry to see that your pin eyes are still not recovered. So, as a matter of fact, I used to have the same problem with you. Later I realized that I was too careless, because sometimes once some symtoms disappeared, I would stop using eye drops and taking care of my eyes, and pink eyes need thorough treatment and long term care., the inflammation could be very tough, which needs effective medicines and a change of life habbits. So, what you need to do is to constantly take care of your eyes,and get effective treatment.
  • griffin


    It might be the pink eye coming back because you found your eyes appeared red and felt itchy. A pink eye is the most common symptoms of conjunctivitis. Usually there are three causes for three type of conjunctivitis. 1. Bacteria. If your pink eye is related to bacteria conjunctivitis, then you need to pay attention to eye hygiene. Don't touch or rub your eyes with figures without washing. 2. Viral conjunctivitis. Usually it is caused by adenovirus or gets infected just by eye contact with a viral conjunctivitis patient. 3. It might also be triggered by allergy. I am not sure what kind of conjunctivitis you are suffering from, but pay attention to the eye hygiene is really important. Hope you could get better soon.
  • clur_08


    Your pink eyes may come back again because of your not well treatment before. As we know, the pink eyes are easily contagious. You may get infection again through other people's pink eyes. And you don't treat the pink eyes fully before. You should go on treat your eyes carefully until they are recovered to the normal state.