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Isabelle garcia


How long does it take to go blind from retinal detachment?

I heard that retinal detachment are likely to cause blindness. So, can you tell me how long does it take to go blind because of retinal detachment?
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  • everybody_cares


    If you get the retinal detachment, you should go to accept the treatment as soon as possible. Or else, your eyes will high possibility of getting blindness after six mouths. You should go to the hospital to take the safe and effective surgery as soon as possible. You should take care of the weak eyes and keep the good diet to moisture your eyes.
  • Jason warren


    Hello, usually people who have good health care actually won't go blind from retina detachments. According to some survey, about 95% of people regain vision, and 50% regain full vision after treatment. It's much more likely to regain your vision well if detected early. There already have good treatments in hospital for retinal detachment. They are very advanced and much better than before. But that's true it is still a threat to vision, make sure it is taken seriously and treated quickly.
  • Mary Lynn


    I am having a hard time getting used to my progressive lens glasses. My eyes were never bad until now since I have had a detached retina operation. How long does it take to get used to my new glasses.
  • carolmck


    It is not a fixed time from retinal detachment to blindness. It is depending on the exact situation you are in. Usually at the very beginning of retinal detachment, it is only tears or holes of retina. The fluid will go through the tears or holes and get underneath the retina which could cause retina peals away where it should be. Without prompt and proper treatment for it, the tears or holes of retina will gradually enlarges as the fluid underneath retina is getting more. Finally the retina will completely peals away from the back of eyes where it should be. At the beginning of this disease, you may have spotted vision, and then develops into partial vision lost. Take effective action before the permanent vision lost happen or you will definitely get regretted. See an oculist for professional support is the best.

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