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Are there home remedies for glaucoma?

I was diagnosed with glaucoma. Do your know any good home remedies that can help people with glaucoma? Please help.
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  • walkingcaine


    Glaucoma is a very serious kind of eye disease, which actually is a group of disease which could cause blindness. Too much pressure in the eyes is the symptom of glaucoma, and this too much pressure could kill cells in the optic nerves which led to blindness for good. If you are looking for some home remedies, there are some small pieces of suggestion you could find on internet. Yet I think it is really a serious situation, the first thing you should do is going to hospital and seek profession suggestion and help from a oculist. Getting prompt and proper treatment is crucial for glaucoma patient. Once it causes blindness, it is permanent. So, don't hesitate, go to the hospital at your earliest. Hope you can get well soon.
  • Benjamin gary


    Firstly, it is essential for people who have glaucoma to take more nutrients, especially vitamin A and vitamin E. Because vitamin A can turn to carotenoid to keep eye health and improve night vision. And vitamin E can remove particles from the eyes. Hence, you can have more vitamin A and vitamin E source food, like carrots, milk, egg, meat. What is more, you should take more spinach because it has lutein that is needed for retina and eye tissue. On the other hand, eyebright herb drops are excellent for glaucoma, which can be used internally and safer than other eye drops.
  • Alexa


    It is too dangerous to be diagnosed with glaucoma because it may cause the blindness. There are the home remedies you could do to help with glaucoma. You should first of all keep in a relaxed mood, avoiding excessive volatility in mood. The main inducing factor of glaucoma is long-term adverse mental stimulation. Thus, you'd better keep the good mood at home. Secondly, you should keep the good daily life rule in food and sleep. You'd better do the moderate physical exercise. You don't participate in strenuous exercise. You should maintain the sleep quality, light diet in rich nutrition and so on. You should not smoke, drink or do other bad habits. Last of all, you should pay attention to using eye sanitation, protective eye and so on. You should not read in the dark room. You should not read too long time, having the rest for the eyes. If you keep all these conditions, you will find that you could help the glaucoma to some degree.