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I have presbyopia, should I choose bifocal or progressive lens?

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  • Carter


    Well, it depends on your need. Since you cannot see close objects very clear, a pair of reading glasses should work just fine if you want to read. You can consult your optician for advice if you are not so sure.
  • Lucy


    I am a huge fan of bifocal lens. I like outdoor activities and reading, but I hate digital stuff. Guess what, I won’t turn on my computer if I don’t have to, which means I barely need glasses for it. Therefore bifocal lens are enough for me cause I just need them for outside and reading.
  • Emily


    I have tried them both. From my personal point of view, I vote for progressive lens. On the one hand, I can use them for everything; On the other hand, it’s easier to adapt to them compared to bifocal lens cause you won’t feel a strong feeling of vision jumping.