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How to choose the lenses for glasses?

When I go to the eyedoctor to choose the lens,I don't know how to choose the lenses that suit me.They He have Single Vision lenses, Poly carbonate lenses and Aspheric lenses with a combination as well of the latter two.I have been wearing glasses all my life,so I think I need the transitions and impact resistant because I never take good care of my glasses.Can anyone help me get more information about types of lenses, lense material, and etc.
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  • walker626


    Since you are so careless with your glasses and won't take good are of your glasses, the poly carbonate lenses are suitable for you. They have lightweight and impact resistance. It's safe for you to wear these glasses. If you have strong prescription, I recommend you the hi-index plastic because it is much thinner than polycarbonate. I will let you know that transitions can get dark like sunglasses only when they are exposed to the UV rays, so the transitions won't get very dark in a car because the car windshields block a lot of UV rays. Hence you can buy a pair of prescription sunglasses which are more practical.