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Anthony gary


is Kelp good for eyes?

I hear somebody say Kelp is good for eyes especially for people who often use computer. Is that true? why?
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  • Alisa O.


    Kelp contains the constituent of algal oil which takes the main work. Algal oil is a kind of unsaturated fatty acid, which can composite nerve tissue and is an important part of the retinal tissue which can contribute to baby's brain and the development of vision. That is why so many people say that the kelp is good for the eyes. In addition, if you use eyes in front of computers a lot of time,you 'd better eat food with vitamin A which is also good for the eyes, preventing the eyes from the dryness.
  • Dixie Mentry


    Of course, kelp does good for our health, and it is one of the richest source of what our eyes need, you know? Well, according to knowledge, kelp contains a lot of nutritions, including Vitamin A, which is greatly beneficial to our eye health. If you are a constant computer user, I suggest that you eat kelp on a regular basis, plus other vegetables that are helpful to your eyes. But kelp and vegetable alone is not enough, if you want to have perfect eye health, you gotta change your way of life, at least adjust them, ok?