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David Felker


How to tell if michael kors sunglasses are real?

I plan to buy a pair of michael kors sunglasses. And i don't want to get a fake one. Any idea? Is there anyway i can tell if michael kors sunglasses are real?
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  • Brook Park


    The real michaeal kors sunglasses have the following several characters which can be observed to judge its realness. First of all, you should observe the brand print on the flame side of the sunglasses which should be smooth. In the second place, you'd better try to wear it to feel. The real one should be very comfortable for you.
  • walkinginlight


    In fact, this is quite an easy question sincemany people have expressedthe relevant concern about that! Well, Michae Kors is a good choice however some people try to produce and sell fake ones to customers. But you should not get much to nervous, there are ways to identify the authentici of such glasses. First, you need to check the lables and see if it is true. Also, you should contact their customer service to make sure that your glasses are not fake. Easy right? Now go and get yourself one pair!