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Does wearing contact lenses cause glaucoma?

I read somewhere wearing too much contact lenses not good for eyes. Is that true? Will wearing contact lenses cause glaucoma?
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  • b3autyqu33nof17


    The feature of the glaucoma is intermittent or persistent rise intraocular pressure which is more than the level of the eye have tolerated. It damages all parts of eyeball organization and visual function, leading to narrow the optic atrophy vision and decrease the visual acuity. What's worse, it may cause the blindness. Wearing the contact lenses will basically not cause the glaucoma, except for those who are not suitable to wear the contact lenses. When you wear the contact lenses, you should keep good habit of hygiene.
  • Arianna walker


    Yes, indeed, it is true that if we rely on contact lenses too much, there will surely be negative consequences which we would not like to face such as eye disorder or some related problems. But typically, wearing contacts will not result in glaucoma. But as you can see, anything has exceptional cases right? Perhaps some one will get that disease. So, my advice for you is that you shouldn't have reliance on contacts despite sometimes they are pretty useful and helpful.

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