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Does wearing sunglasses help hay fever?

I wonder if wearing sunglasses does something good for hay fever. Why or why not?
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  • Brittany green


    To some degree, wearing sunglasses can be beneficial for the hay fever. The coating part of the sunglasses adopts the special material which can protect your eyes from the uv and other strong sunlight. Wearing it, your eyes will be protected from the direct shining light which will be beneficial for the hay fever.
  • Brittany


    People who suffered from hay fever usually accompanied with itches, red eyes or watery eyes. It is really painful. And wearing sunglasses can shied their eyes from some pollen and other particles in the air, thus to help you. If you expose your eyes in pollen or particles when you has hay fever, there is no doubt it will make your hay fever more serious. From this point, wearing sunglasses especially wrap around sunglasses can help hay fever.

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