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What are the symptoms of an eye stroke?

Is there any other symptoms of an eye stroke? What can i do if i get an eye stroke?
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  • cabanaboy01


    Usually the high emotion, high fever or the vomiting will cause the eye stroke which mainly shows the transient eye tic with eyeballs upturning. After you have this symptom, you'd better calm down your mood,take the medicine and have a good rest to release the serious symptom. Or else, the continuous eye stroke may cause the total broken of eye nerves. .
  • crystalise34


    Eye stroke is a very dangerous condition which can cause sudden loss of vision. Pool circulation in the blood vessels of eyes can change the eye pressure, cut off nutrient and oxygen supply to optic nerve. Then result in vision loss. There are some symptoms of eye stroke. Some people see a dark area in their vision and have light sensitivity. If you have sign of eye stroke, contact your doctor ASAP. Have your eyes check up and treat. In daily life, the prevention of eye stroke is much the way as brain stroke. Hypertension and atherosis prevention is important, which increases blood pressure and slow down its circulation. Eye stroke is common in middle-aged person and the elderly. So keeping active spirit and eating healthily are necessary.
  • EDWIN Caster


    Firstly, it could cause you lost visual contrast. The optic nerve would be changed in the visual perception because of the stroke. The eyes would not able to distinguish shades from subtle to obvious. It would cause peripheral vision loss as well, which typically occurs in the lower fraction of visual field. Additionally, it would lead to light sensitivity. That is to say, the eye would essentially become susceptible to the glare given off by object, either from the sun or a light. Finally, it could cause vision loss that totally depends on the amount of damage to the optic nerve. The best way to treat eye stroke is placing some medications to relieve the pressure on the optic nerve in order to reduce the damage and aviod worsening your vision.

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