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Does witch hazel work on a black eye?

I got a black eye. Will witch hazel help me? If so, how can witch hazel help me?
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  • Alissa


    The witch hazel may has the function of calming down and leads the role of releasing the eyes symptom. When you have the black eyes, there must be the stagnation of blood circulation. Using the witch hazel, you can put the surrounding eyes part get the relieve.You could have a try.
  • Riley gary


    Yes, to some extend, witch hazel can help treat black eyes. You can mix Chamomile Essential Oil, witch hazel and water together to help treat your black eyes. You can rinse a cloth into the mix solution and then place it on your eyelid and surrounding area. Insist do this two or three days. Then, you can may recover from black eyes.

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