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Jean Lavigne


How do i remove scratches from ski goggles?

I just got my ski goggles and they got all scratched when I went snowing the next day , a beginner fell on me . what can i do to fix this.
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  • Katie Caster


    If the scratches are small ,try to cover the scratched area of your goggles with stick lip balm and then wipe most of it off. This is an attempt to fill in the scratch or scratches with the stick lip balm, which may make them better.If it impairs the sight ,the scratches are sort of serious . I guess there is no way to fix them except for getting replacement lenses . They are sold online, and you can find replacement lenses for virtually any brand of ski goggles. This will allow you to replace the ski goggle lenses without purchasing entirely new ski goggles. source :
  • Karen


    Go back to the place where you bought them and see if they have any remedy to fix them. Otherwise you need get replacement lenses.