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Do tinted glasses help dyslexia ?

I have dyslexia. I just want to know if tinted glasses can help me read books?
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  • charles


    Yes, tinted glasses will help you read books because the tinted glasses will control the lights coming in and filter the lights which will make you see clearly. At the same time, your brain will not be stimulated strongly. Dyslexia is a common learning disorder in school-age children, about 4/5 of the learning disorder in clinical. Dyslexia refers to two kinds, acquired reading disabilities and developmental dyslexia. The acquired reading disorder refers to congenital or acquired brain injury and the corresponding apparent auditory disorders caused by the difficulty reading the DD which refers to that the children in the process of development of normal intelligence have no obvious nervous or physical damage.The reading level is significantly lagged behind its corresponding intellectual level or the phenomenon of biological age. You need to wear the special tinted glasses when you read books. You should protect the eyes and improve the eye vision from the eyes exercises.
  • elpropio


    Colored contact lenses have been proved able to help people with dyslexia to read better with an advanced treatment in UK. Researchers found that dyslexia is due to the defects in the nerve cells between the visual cortex of the brain and the retina. These cells react to orange-yellow light best. Colored lenses improve the patients' reading capability by generating more of these colors in visual field. The same thing works when it comes to tinted glasses.
  • evilbunny1369


    Ok, so sorry to know that you have got dyslexia, which might give you lots of trouble. So, tinted glasses, if the color is what you like and feel right about, would relieve your dyslexia. But that does not help you a lot. What I recommend for you is to tackle your psychological problems and consult some professionals. It would be a long term process, but you must be confident and persistent with your efforts.
  • Victor Lee


    Over the past two decades the use of tinted lenses and colored overlays to improve reading comfort and performance has been presented in both the popular media and professional literature. So I think in most cases, tinted glasses will help dyslexia
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