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Jada rose


Do you need special glasses for the computer if you spend too much time on it?

I spend alot of time on the computer, like 12 hours a day sometimes, and my older brother is always like "your already upset that you need braces, I doubt you want glasses too". He's always telling me that if I spend too much time on the computer i'm gonna need glasses, is that true? Please odn't make fun of me, i'm just sorta freaked out cause I really don't want glasses.
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  • Nicholas arnold


    There is no need if you have perfect eyesight and have no problem seeing clearly. The best way to keep your eyes healthy is to take frequent breaks from the computer and focus seeing the objects distant in order to give your eyes enough rest.
  • Carlos quick


    If you often use computer, you can prepare a pair o computer glasses no matter you have perfect vision or poor vision. Now, computer glasses are made of anti-reflective lenses that can protect the eyes from computer reflective lights. If you have perfect vision, you can choose non prescription computer glasses. If you have poor vision, you can choose prescription computer glasses for both eye protection and vision aids.