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Someone says wearing glasses wears for long terms will cause eye deformation, such as exophthalamia, is it true? What is the reason?

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  • Sanderson


    In my opinion, eye deformation such as the exophthalamia is not caused by wearing glasses for long terms, but by high myopia.
  • Tammie


    As for patients who are nearsighted, because the anterior and posterior axis of the eyeball will become long, so there will be eye deformation, exophthalamia and other symptoms, which has nothing to do with whether wearing glasses. People with myopia may suffer exophthalamia even if they don't wear glasses.
  • Walden


    Authoritative result has shown that the cause of exophthalamia is not wearing glasses, but high myopia. Don’t refuse to wear glasses, because it can cause unclear eyesight, which will easily lead to eye strain, and the consequence can be more serious.
  • Rainy


    I do believe it can be a problem for wearing glasses for a long time, like years. But I think it won't be so obvious for low prescription though.