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Is tomato juice good for your eyes ?

Can tomato juice good for eyes? What eye benefit can i get from tomato juice?
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  • comingourloud


    It is true that tomato juice is good for eyes. Tomato juice is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and other elements that are good for human body. Some elements in tomato juice will also benefit eyes. Tomato contains lycopene which is the most abundant carotenoid in the blood serum. The lycopene is a very important antioxidant that fights against aged-related macular degeneration. This kind of degeneration will eventually cause blindness. However, tomato juice will help you to avoid it. In addition, the Vitamin A in the tomato juice can help you to maintain low-light vision thus keep your eye health. Tomato juice benefits your skin, hair, heart and immune system as well. So you should drink more tomato juice.
  • Angela green


    Tomatoes contain many beneficial nutrients. Drink tomato juice can be very good for your health. Tomato carries a lot of vitamin A which are good for your eyes. They can also help with night blindness. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin and can strengthen your immune functions. They can used to fight cold and flu. If add tomatoes into your regular diet, it can help you reduces the chances to get cancer.
  • Christina


    Yes, tomato juice is good for eyes because of the containing vitamin C. After drinking the tomato juice, your eyes will be moisture. You will get comfortable feeling at the eyes. At the same time, your skin will get moisture too. The tomato juice is also healthy for your body. It is a good thing for both whole body and eyes.

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