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I got face paint in my eye,what should i do?

My eyes feel so bad since i got face paint in to my eyes. Is there anything that i can do to help my eyes?
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  • walkingthesky


    You should stay calm and do not be panic after you have got face paint in your eye. Face paint are designed to be applied on the sensitive parts of the face, so it is toxic-free and will not cause great danger to your eyes. But it may irritate your eyes, for any foreign object, even water, in eyes can cause irritation. You can rinse your eyes with water. Then artificial tears can be used to flush the remaining face paint out. Your vision will totally recover in several minutes or hours. If your eyes still uncomfortable or blurred. You can purchase over-the-counter eye drops in a pharmacy or turn to your doctor. Since it is also possible that you are allergic to certain ingredients in the face paint, you should consult your doctor if the cleansing is not helpful.
  • Jackson


    You can flush your eyes with water. If it doesn't work, ask some body to help you or go to see a doctor. The face paint may cause irritation and redness in your eyes. You should be careful not get your eyes infected. Don’t rub your eyes. Normally it will go away quick and no serious harm will be done to your eyes.
  • Ariana


    It is really bad for you to get face paint in your eyes. You need to use the clean water to wash the face paint out of the eyes. Then you could use the clean cloth to dry your eyes. It will be ok. You should not let this happen by accident which will be so bad for your eyes which may cause the eyes infection. You'd better take the action to release the symptom as soon as possible.