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Richard M Fawcett


Does drinking make pink eye worse?

Is it Ok to drink alcohol when i get pink eyes. Will it make my pink eyes more serious?
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  • Steve


    Yes, to some extent. Drinking doesn't make the situation of your pink eye worse, but it makes your eyes look even redder. As you drink, the alcohol makes your blood vessels expand and causes dehydration. As the blood vessels in your eyes expand, you have red eyes. What's worse, dehydration leads to dryness in eyes of whose symptom one is red eyes. Therefore, it's better for you not to drink before your pink eye recovers.
  • Danielle may


    I don't think it's a good idea; drinking alcohol can cause red eye which I think may make your pink eye worse. Drink alcohol can higher your blood pressure and then give pressures to your eyes. I believe your eye needs rest and no irritation. Pink eye can last a few weeks and without proper caring, it will last longer. I suggest you not go drinking and smoking while you are in the process of recovering.
  • green


    No, it is not ok for you to drink alcohol when you get pink eyes which will make pink eyes get more serious because of the stimulation of the eyes. You need to have the good rest and keep the light diet to treat the pink eyes. You should not smoke or drink which will be bad for your eyes. You should eat more vegetables and fruits to make your eyes keep healthy and moisture.
  • Victor


    As is known to all, alcohol causes eyes to become red from intoxication. I would say that's probably not a good idea! Anything that's going to make the eyes red or strained (fatigue) etc you should not do!