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what does it look like to have cataracts

Are people with cataracts look the same as common people. What does their eyes look like?
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  • Jordan


    Well, in common, people with cataracts look the same as common people. But cataracts are actually kind of dangerous. Generally speaking, cataracts occur when there is a buildup of protein in the lens that makes it cloudy. Of course, because of that, it will prevent light from passing clearly through the lens, which can be very annoying and serious. What is more, blindness can be possible too. Some reports have shown that lutein which can be good for correcting the cataracts, and slowing down the progression of the cataracts. So it can be a good choice. Because cataracts can just be caused by irritants, just stay far away from them.
  • Larry S


    The most outside difference between the cataract patient and common people is that the crystalline lens of the former becomes muddy. Usually, you will not feel pain when get cataracts either eye go to red. The initial symptoms are vision impaired, refractive changes, see overlapping, and contrast sensitivity under bright light falling. Cataract is an eye disease, for all other parts of body, there is no much effect.
  • cody88


    No, people with cataracts will not look the same as common people. Their eyes will have the unclear symptom. Their eyeballs may have the sundries which may affect the right vision. People with cataracts should protect the eyes through the good diet and good rest. They could also get through the surgery to help them get healthy eyes.