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Does eye makeup cause dark circles?

Is it possible to cause dark circles because of eye makeup? Why?
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  • eiri_des


    Ok, it seems that there is something wrong with your eyes. So, it's true that eye makeups could do harm to your eyes if you rely too much on them, because each time after you used them, the remain of eye makeups could be left on your eyes, there will be less circulation of blood and your pores are blocked. day after day, there would be dark circles. Anyway,just try to protect your eyes from this point on, use less of them and get a better diet. I recommend you try to use potato slices and put them on your eyes for help.
  • Kevin lee


    The possibility of getting dark circles because of eye makeup is little. Although the makeup in the eyes will leave the sediments of the materials which will cause the damage of the skins, it still owns the possibility to cause the dark circles under the eyes. It can cause the wrinkles around the eyes. Usually the dark circles are caused by the lack of sleep, bad blood circulation and so on. You should clean the eye makeup completely before you go to bed.
  • Diane Bradstock


    It is possible if your eye makeup is not hypoallergenic, it might irritate your skin, and make capillaries break and swell, which is exact reason of dark circles under eyes. We all know that skin aligned eyes is very thin and delicate, which could get irritated easily. If your makeup is chemical and not hypoallergenic, you might get dark circles from it. Even if your makeup is hypoallergenic, you still need to use eye makeup remover to remove it before go to bed. This is very necessary! Sleeping with makeup is very bad for skin. As to treatment, I suggest you stop using the makeup which causes dark circles. Do some natural mask and some massage with nutrition oil which could help blood circulation around eyes and reduce dark circles. Apply some potato or lemon slices over the dark circles which can effectively lighten the skin and reduce discoloration. But for me, I think the most important thing to prevent dark circles is change living habit. Living habit is the key to the skin maintenance. Use mild makeup remover before washing face. Wash your face thoroughly before you go to bed. Don't wear too much heavy makeup or don't wear it for too long time per day. Your skin need to breathe. Use some natural material to make mask to bright your skin, lighten it and tighten it. I usually choose yoghourt, milk, pearl powder and egg. And I also go to bed before 10:00pm every day. So far, I am satisfied with my skin. I hope you could make it too.