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Why does snoop dogg always wear sunglasses?

I noticed that snoop dogg always wears sunglasses. Why? Just for the cool look? Or he likes sunglasses very much?
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  • Danielle


    So, from what you said, I can see you are very interested in snoop dogg as well as what he wears on a regular basis. Anyway, that guy is quite famous and awesome, he chooses to wear sunglasses of different types in order to appear more attractive and mysterious, cool, awesome. Anyway, the reason why he like to wear them is to be cool, also, he likes them at heart. Also, there are lots of cool sunglasses on the internet which you could choose, such as Alibaba or Amazon.
  • your welcome


    hes almost always high so the sunglasses are most likely to hide this but even if its not for that the sunglasses are very cool
  • commentsforme


    I think snoop dogg always wear sunglasses just for the looks. Wearing the sunglasses which will be matched with his clothing, he will look so cool. As the good and fashionable accessories, the sunglasses are popular these days. People like to wear the sunglasses to show the fashionable character. It is the popular accessory. There are many types of sunglasses for you to choose from at the market.
  • Dip


    You are really very attentive person that would seek truth from the detail. I think the sunglasses only a prop as snoop is an actor. You can see how big his head, if there has no prop, that will be so plain of his face. Another way, it really looks cool when he wearing his sunglasses. I think he actually love it? If not, who will keep wear something ugly and hateful always? And I have to say this, Snoop's eyes are so small, he is so smart to wearing such sunglasses to hide his disadvantage of his own. Everybody doing like this, right?

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