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When can you wear eye makeup after blepharoplasty?

I just took a blepharoplasty. And i was told not to wear eye makeup in those days till i recovery. So, When can you wear eye makeup after blepharoplasty? Shall i wait my eyes completely recovery?
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  • caffienefeen


    Even though eyelid surgery is a minimal plastic surgery, you should follow the doctor's suggestion on how to behave after blepharoplasty, such as have a regular check-up for a week, avoid weight-lifting, and do not wear eye makeup in those days until your doctor tell you that it's the right time. Follow the doctor's instructions after the surgery, you will enjoy your bright and beauty eyes.
  • gary


    Since you have the blepharoplasty, you'd better not do the eye makeup which will intensify your eyes problems because of the stimulating irritates. You'd better wait for about a week of basic recovery if you care it very much and then do the eyes makeup to make you look charming and attractive at the eyes. You should take care of the eyes which are the weak parts for you.
  • Ariana


    It is better not do makeup within one week or ten days after this surgery performed. Blepharoplasty surgery removes excess tissues such as fat or skin on eyelids through a small incision. If you wear makeup too early, it might get the wound infected and inflamed. The first two days after your surgery, usually the doctor will give you some ointment to lubricate the incisions and some eye drops which help reduce pain and prevent infections. The eyelids must be swelling and puffy. During this period, you should keep head higher than body when you are sleeping to speed up the recovery process. After two days, the stitches can be removed, but your eyelids are still bruises and swelling, which I don't think is a good time to makeup then. Your eyelids are stiff and tight. You could apply some lukewarm compress over eyelids for relief. You should wear dark glasses for at least one week to prevent any damages or irritations from wind or strong glare or sunrays. After 7-10 days, you can get back to work or study. At that time your eyelids might still be discolored with some scar, which you can use makeup to cover. But remember to use hypoallergenic makeup, and also use mild remover. Don't wear the makeup too long time per day. If you can wait until it is healed completely, it would be better.

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