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Right eye making noises

I am 14 years old and I'm a hypochondriac. I've noticed a weird popping noise or a crackling noise from my left eye. I have bad allergies that makes my eyes dry, but that also ends up making it really wet. Could this be the cause. I haven't gotten my eye hurt or anything but I have anxiety over anything so I need an answer. I'm scared it might be something bad. Thanks in advance!

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I would also like so say that Thank You right eyes eyelid also hurts, so maybe it's an infection.


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  • Jack


    Don't worry. You need more rest for your eyes. If your eyes hurt, please visit your eye doctor.
  • david JOHN


    Any problem with the eyes or eyesight is concerning. Eyes and vision are a sensitive issue that requires attention. I would recommend that you talk to you doctor for more information. The eye is covered by the cornea -- the outer layer of the eye. This requires lubrication to remove the small particles in the air the come into contact with the eye and would otherwise scar the cornea if not "washed" away. Because of this our body has lacrimal glands which are commonly known as tear ducts. Our body produces tears to lubricate the eyes, more so when we are tired and our eyes requires more help. This fluid can accumulate under the eyelid. With motion, this fluid can cause sounds that you are describing. Therefore what you describe could be normal. There could be a few things that are causing increased fluid production. Allergies, viral infections, or bacterial infections could all do this, but only allergies would persist this long. Normally allergies affect both eyes. That being said, any other symptom would warrant further evaluation. Do you have a change in vision? Do you have a red eye? Do you have any eye pain? Any of these symptoms would require further evaluation. Talk to your doctor.