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Thomas keith


How to make amber eyes stand out?

I have a pair of amber eyes. Do you have any good idea to make my eyes more attracting? How to make the amber eyes stand out?
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  • Jason lester


    If you want to make your amber eyes stand out, you could try to wear the colored contact lenses of this color. It will make your eyes look so attractive and charming. In addition, you could do the eyes makeup to make the whole look seem perfect. You could just have a try to make the attractive and charming eyes.
  • evilrain


    In my opinion, the amber eyes are so outstanding and attractive. You know the amber is a kind of precious gems. Your eyes would mention people with amber. They are attracting just now! Moreover, you still would apply some makeup, such as mascara of eyelashes, the eyes shadows to bring the charming to your eyes. The blue eyes shadows may bring romantic and mysterious feeling on your eyes. The Bohemia dress especially the longuette will match the eyes most. May your smile and fluent eyes expression will bring more charming to the people around you.

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