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How to make my eyes look less chinese?

My eyes looks similar to the eyes of Chinese people . It is really trouble me. So, can you give me some idea to make my eyes look less Chinese?
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  • crystaljade


    If you don't want your eyes look chinese, you could wear the colored contact lenses to make your eyes look foreign. You could choose the dark blue color of the contact lenses which will be so attractive. You will look so different. You may go to the online stores to buy the ones that you think is perfect. The price in the online store is suitable.
  • Michael?griffin


    As for the different style of eyes of eastern and western people, there are some characters. The Asian people's eyes are relatively small and not so deep with the eyes sockets. The iris pigments are different. The easterner's iris contain more pigments, so the eyeballs are dark with brown and black; the westerner's iris contain less pigments, the eyeball seems to be blue. From the side aspect of the face, we can find the westerner's face as well as the eyes are more angular than easterner people. These differences may caused by different natural environments and genes. As for the idea to change your eyes style, you can do some make up to shape your eyes as the westerner's. The beauty surgery will also help you in a permanent way. The dark eyes shadow would bring the deep eyes in a visual way. The colorful contacts, e.g. the blue and green ones will change your eyeball into a western style in a second.