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Can eye trauma cause glaucoma?

Is it possible to get glaucoma from trauma? If so, is there any way that can cure it?
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  • garcia


    Yes, it is possible to get glaucoma from trauma. And mostly people develop glaucoma due to the eye surgery of trauma, which can be called traumatic glaucoma. And when you get trauma, the pressure within the eye can increase thus it will causes glaucoma. You need to consult your doctor as soon as possible and have the proper treatment.
  • cant_let_him_go


    Yes, it is possible to develop glaucoma from trauma. Glaucoma refers to the imbalance of production and drainage of humor aqueous. Excessive production or bad drainage of humor aqueous would lead to increased intraocular pressure. Some trauma, blunt or penetrating, makes dysfunction of ciliary body or hematocele in eyes and lens would probably increase intraocular pressure and lead to glaucoma. Once got any trauma to eyes, you should go to hospital to have a check whether there is any debris or wounds in eyes. The earlier you get treatment for it, the better and faster you can get healed. If damages to nerve endings formed, therapy can only cure the wound but the damaged nerves are not curable. It means that once the vision impairment is established, there is no cure to restore it. So take actions now.
  • walkingbassline


    Yes, it is possible for you to get glaucoma from eye trauma. As we know, the main reason of glaucoma is the high pressure at the eyes. If you get the eye trauma, your eyes will get unstable eye pressure at the eyes surface. You need to have the good rest for the eyes, not sitting in front of the computers for a long time. You could use warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.

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