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Is eye twitching a sign of pink eye?

In recent days, My eyes always twitches and i can't control it. Why? Is it a sign of pink eyes? I heard that pink eyes is really a serious eye diseases.
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  • Theron


    Hello, eye twitching is a repetitive and uncontrollable blinking or spasm of the eyelid and it usually occur on the upper lid. And if you get eye twitching it will affect the eye muscles of both eyes. It is true that eye twitching can be a sign of pink eyes, because when pink eye develops, the the white part of the eye may become red or pink in color and there will be discharge that can irritate the eyes further and then cause your eye twitching.


    I don't think twitching is a sign of pink eye. Twitching means the people lost control of the fast spansm of their eyelids. It refers to some certain nerves or muscles problem. While pink eye is the infection and inflammation of conjunctiva in eyes, possibly caused by bacterial or viral infection or allergies. People with pink eye might have symptoms like increased sensitivity to light, pain in eyes, grittiness, red and watery eyes. There seems no direct connection between eye twitching and pink eye. Eye twitching happens and goes naturally but pink eye requires a treatment in most cases. Eye twitching is not contageious, while pink eye caused by bacterial or viral infection is highly contageious. If patients got the pink eye for herpes virus infection, it probably would last for months. In most cases pink eye won't cause very severe result of vision impairment. Warm compress could help with pink eye.
  • duncan


    Usually the eye twitches are caused by the coming invisible bacterium which can not be controlled. It is a sign of pink eyes. As we know, the pink eye is really a serious eye disease which could be caused by the bacterium or the contagious character. You should take care of your eyes and prevent from some diseases. If you get pink eyes, you need to have good rest and use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to treat it.