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Luke oliver


What is the best glasses tint for golf?

I plan to buy a pair of glasses wearing for playing golf. Any idea? What are the best tint foe the glasses?
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  • cutechaldochick


    With the growth of economic and technology, more and more people begin to pursue high quality life and spiritual enjoyment. So many stuff are made to satisfy people, such as eye glasses. The needs of eyeglasses vary from people. Some want to wear eyeglasses and contact lenses because of myriad. While others calls sunglasses and colored contact lenses to enhance appearance. I have seen many pictures of famous people and found that camel will eagerly look forward to eyeglasses fashion trend. As we all known, black has been the most typical and classic color for many years. However, less and less people will say black is fashion. Camel can be found on clothes, shoes and bags, common but not fashion. With time flies, camel become a important tin to affect people. So wearing a pair of camel sunglasses during playing golf is cool and hot. Plus, if your face skin is a little yellow, red wine tint may be your best choice.
  • Andrew bell


    As far as i know, borwn and grey tinted lenses are the best choices for people who want to play golf. Those lenses can provide eyes comfortable vision and won't cause the distortion of the subjects you foucs. Besides, for a better vision and better better protection, you can choose polarized eyeglasses that can shiled your eyes from glares in the sun. Hope this can help you.
  • lampo


    I can see that you need a pair of good sports sunglasses for outdoor activities. Anyway, there are hundreds of brands on the market so it would be very difficult for you to choose. But according to my experience , I would like to recommend Ray-Ban to you, which is widely appreciated and liked. And they have got a century's experience in making sunglasses especially sports sunglasses.
  • ellane


    Sunglasses for golf come in more than a half-dozen varieties of tinted lenses. Your best bet is to try different-colored lenses and determine the colors that work best for you. Dark amber, copper, brown, green and gray lenses are among the recommended options for golfers.

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