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Can I wear geek chic eyeglasses to the office?

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  • steven


    As a fellow glasses wearer, I think that 'geek chic' glasses can be great. Once I've even recommended them to a reader who was wondering how to to make her look edgier. However, there is a sliding scale with these things. The wackier the glasses are, the more that people will remember based on your glasses, at least at first. If a particular boss thinks you look like a bit odd/hipster/weird,you are probably not going to get a lot of work with that person, so you'd better wear a pair of normal eyeglasses to the office.
  • Jane


    Of course yes, I recently got a pair of geek glasses and I love them, i often wore them when I was working. and I got many compliments from my colleagues. Just wear them with confidence, they will make you look attractive, they are foundation of the geek chic look. Make sure it fits your face, they will help you look more stylish.
  • Anna


    Yes you totally can, Geek chic glasses are the latest style of eyewear that everyone is geeking out about. Yes, the geek look is in. Geek chic glasses are contemporary, and extremely stylish, and they can be pulled off by pretty much anybody. Whether you're working in an office or hitting the club scene in the city, geek glasses will give you a chic and elegant look that will set you apart from the others.