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Debbie Morton


Where can I find polarized high index lenses?

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  • Jases


    In fact, they are many companies offer polarized lenses, I would highly recommend this website:
    and I hope to help you.
  • Yaron Cheng


    Polarized high index for sunglasses are pretty tough to find. High index lenses do not come in as many colors or types as some other types of lenses, such as polycarbonate or standard plastic. The reason for this is that the material either will not work with the type of coating needed to achieve the desired lenses color. If you are interested in getting prescription glasses with polarized high index lenses for sunglasses, there are a few things you should know, polarized high index lenses are more expensive than regular high index lenses.Polarized high index lenses for sunglasses are generally only available in regular frames, not larger wraparound frames. This is because the larger lens diameters in polarized high index do not exist.Polarized high index only exists in 1.67 high index plastic. You will not find it in 1.70, 1.74, or glass high index. It is also only available in Single Vision in high index; you will not find high index polarized bifocals.You should always get anti-reflective coating on polarized high index lenses. If you are interested in a mirror coating, it will help with glare as well, but you should still get anti-reflective coating on the back side of the lenses.Polarization is best for lenses used in bright sunlight, anything involving water activities (boating, fishing, beach wear), and to reduce glare while driving. Polarization is not good for using electronics, dim or dark conditions, or indoor use. For the above reasons, it is hard to find polarized high index lenses. However, you can go to some popular store such as Costco to look for.
  • Sonya


    Many companies offer polarized lenses in polycarbonate. Oakley and Maui Jim's rx sunglasses use poly for the most part. True hi-index lenses are few a far between. They might be a couple that offer 1.6 and I am not aware of any in 1.67. In any case I don't think a polarized 1.6/1.67 would ever be as thin as their clear counterparts. Many 1.6/1.67 have a centre thickness of 1.0, which would be difficult to achieve with a polarized wafer in the lens, I would imagine C.T.'s would be closer to 2.0mm. Hope this helpful.