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Catherine lewis


What are some good eye muscles exercises?

I know eye exercises are beneficial for eyes, can you recommend some good eye muscles exercises?
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  • evilrain


    Rolling eyes is one of the effective ways to strengthen eye muscles. Looking at a special direction like up, down, right and left for a few seconds and then blink several times to relax your eyes. Repeat doing this can help strengthen the eye muscles, thus keep eyes in good condition. Although doing these eye exercises cannot improve the eyesight, they do help strengthen eye muscles when your eyes get tired, which is good for eye health.
  • Trinity hill


    Yes, doing some eye exercises are good way to strengthen weak eye muscles so as to keep good eye health. Here i find a simple way that may help you. You just need prepare a pen and draw the letter E on a piece of paper. Then, you put the paper near the eye and try to concentrate firstly on the uppermost bar. then, tr y to lower bar slowly until the center bar. the next is put the paper a few feet away and repeat such a process until the E on the paper is invisible. And then bring the pen back and repeat the above steps. Hope it will helps.