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What aids are available for people with low vision?

I have really low vision due to some eye disease and it affects my daily activity very much. What aids are available for people with low vision?
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    There are many aids that can help people with low vision to see better. You should choose one that is suitable for you because different devices are needed for different tasks. However, they are all used to magnify objects to make them easier to see. For example, magnifying glasses are stronger than regular eyeglasses and they can be used for near tasks such as reading, threading a needle. Telescopes are used for helping people see faraway objects or signs.
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    Low vision is a term used to describe a degree of severity of visual loss. People with low vision may receive treatment within a subspecialty of optometry and ophthalmology called "low vision". Or they need devices to help them to see clear. For them, they can ask help from some optical aids like to wearing magnifying glasses. Or they can read large -print cookbooks, large-numbered playing cards, clocks, telephones and watches to achieve what they want to know.