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Jerry H.


How to Clean Acetate Eyeglass Frames?

I have a pair of acetate eyeglass frames for many years. I can keep the lenses clean and polished but the frame always seem to be dirty.
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  • walkentall


    The best way to clean the Acetate eyeglass frames is applying clean warm water. Rinse your acetate eyeglass frames under warm water with the cloth that is specially used for glasses. Most the dust and dirts will be removed away by the running warm water. Then let your glasses frames air dry in case some marks are left on the glasses frames. If the warm water can't wash your acetate eyeglass frames clean, you can apply the cleaning solution that is used for the lenses to clean your eyeglasses frames, which may help.
  • cherrygaru


    IN fact. it is same as you clean other eyeglasses. Just rinse your glasses under warm water and wash them carefully with mild soap and warm water. Then, use a cotton or soft cloth to clean and dry the lenses. Next, you use a toothbrush to grime off the nose pads and frames gently until the eyeglasses frames are clan. And be careful when you clean the frames, do not graze your lenses.