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What are the features of acetate glasses?

I am trying to find out the features of acetate glasses compared to other glasses, does anybody know?
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  • Bridget C


    acetate glasses are eyeglasses frames made of cellulose acetate materials. It is just one type of plastic materials featured with lightweight and adjustability. acetate glasses frames are Hypo-allergenic, light weight, and variety of colors, patterns, and textures since the materials are easy to be shaped and tinted. So, acetate material is a good materials for eyeglasses frames to meet the requirements of different people.
  • walfor


    Acetate glasses are made of acetate plastic frames. They are pretty lightweight, easy to get tinted, comfortable to touch and they can be easily adjusted. These acetate frames eyeglasses will not fade away with age and they will not cause corrosion to the skin. Thus they are widely used in eyeglasses frames. Besides, they are more transparency than other plastic materials. They often have clear and pieces on the nose pads because they are cut from sheets of acetate plastic.