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How does AMD affect driving?

I know that it is quite dangerous for people with AMD to drive. How does AMD affect driving?
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  • elbcoastboy


    People who have AMD can not see other cars clealy on sunny days because the glare reflected from the surface of other cars will affect the AMD drivers' vision. In this case, these people should wear sunglasses which can help reduce glare while driving on sunny days. Drivers with macular degeneration have difficult seeing objects in an environment with low contrast. So people who have AMD are not suitable for night driving.
  • Arianna walker


    As we know, AMD in a severe stage can cause blindness. In sunny day, The most troublesome for AMD patients is the glares. And people with AMD are troublesome in recognizing faces, reading, and driving a car. If you suffer AMD but have to drive, you'd better prepare a pair of good quality polarized sunglasses so as to protect the eyes as well as give you comfortable and clear vision.
  • clarinetbandguy


    This is a difficult question. Many people with mild forms of Macular Degeneration do drive legally, and do not have problems. It would be best to discuss your visual limitations and their effect on driving with your eye care professional. Driving is a symbol of independence for many people, and individuals with progressive vision loss may be unwilling to face the fact that their vision impairment may impede save driving. Often people with Macular and other retinal degenerations speak of "near miss" accidents that force them to confront their vision loss and acknowledge that it is affecting their driving. It is important to remember that your driving affects not only you but other drivers and pedestrians, and that the results of an error can ultimately be life-threatening.