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Why do people wear safety sunglasses?

I have seen someone wearing safety sunglasses in the public, why do people wear safety sunglasses?
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  • walkingcaine


    Safety glasses can help protect eyes from UV rays when they are under the sun. Long-term exposure to Uv rays can cause some eye diseases, such as cataracts and AMD. Besides, if you are in strong sunlight, you may get migraine, tension, and other types of headaches. While wearing safety sunglasses can protect you from these symptoms. safety sunglasses are very durable and they are safe to wearers even in the most dangerous environment.
  • Justin williams


    safety sunglasses are worn for eye care in many ways. In details, wearing safety sunglasses can shield eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun. As we know that UV rays are likely cause cataracts, cornea damage, So, shield eyes from UV rays is very important. Besides. Wearing safety sunglasses can reduce headaches and eye strains when you expose in intensive sunshine. What's more, wearing the sunglasses block the sunlight and heat that contribute to keep eye moist.