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How to get a metal shaving out of my eye?

It is really terrible that some metal shaving got into my eyes. Can you tell me how to get it out of my eyes? Any idea?
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  • christian


    It is unavoidable that some metal shaving get into your eyes, when you are working with metal. I would like to give you some ideas to get it out. 1. Let your lower eyelid away from your eyes to check your eye 2. Roll one corner of a toilet paper to a point Some other specific instructions, please click the following website:
  • tuener


    That's very dangerous for your eyes since the metal shaving can be very sharp and it can damage your eyes inside. Never try digging it out or never mess with your eyes. Any mistake you make will make your eyes hurt badly. Just call your local eye doctor and discuss it with your doctor, or just go to the hospital! Never wait, just never take any risk of permanent damage. Go and good luck!
  • Jade scott


    Oh my god, so sorry to hear that. As a matter of fact, the first and foremost thing you need to know is do NOT rub your eyes no matter how terrible you may feel, because this will give extreme harm to your eyes. Then, you should head directly to an eye hospital where you can receive some professional and reliable treatment, not staying here and doing noting. God bless you.

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