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What is best sunglases lens color for tennis?

I like to play tennis. Now i want to buy a pair of sunglasses to wear when i play tennis. Can you tell me what is the best color for sunglasses lenses that are available for tennis?
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  • walerie


    I suggest you to use brown sunglasses lens for tennis. Because brown provides you more contract than other colors. It is better in term of competivision. What is more, brown sunglasses lens can prevent much sunshine into your eyes and stop reflected light from the court. Brown sunglasses are so great that they are called driving lenses and they are really make for sunglasses playing tennis.
  • Kimberly quick


    The color of sunglasses plays an important role in tennis. When you play tennis, it is a requirement of a different type of contrast-enhancing lens. With a blue or green tint, the blue wavelengths can be passed through the lens, thus highlighting the background and strengthen the comparison with the yellow ball.
  • green


    Well, as a matter of fact, it depends on your specific needs and personal likes. What I need to tell you is that, your priority is to think about how to better protect your eyes since sometimes your eyes will be exposed to harmful sun lights which will have some bad effect on your eyes. Therefore, polarized sunglasses would be suitable for you. As to the color, I think you should consider dark yellow or just black.
  • Noah james


    The best sunglass lens color for tennis would be a blue polarized lens because it will enhance the yellow tennis ball and help improve contrast.

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