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How to buy prescription sunglasses online? I need it this summer.

I need to buy a pair of prescription sunglasses, but I know little about them. What kind of prescription sunglasses fit me. By the way, I am in high myopia.
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  • 04/12/2012

    there are so many stores selling prescription sunglasses online .But before you decide to buy ,you need to know your Pupillary Distance and strength of your prescription .there will be a form for you to fill in these information .then the seller will choose lens fitting you . so Go to an optic and get your prescription first .
  • elmo01


    Buying prescription sunglasses can be easily realized online. You can first find a shop selling sunglasses. Then choose one sunglasses that you like and fill your current prescription online (most online shops offer a page to fill prescription in case you need after you choosing sunglasses/frames ). Then, you can continue your order in the same way as you buy other items online.
  • david


    Want to know what kind of prescription sunglasses fit you, just try on. Now, you can "Try on" many sunglasses online on Virtual Try On System with your photos. And after you find the best looking sunglasses, you can contact their customer service and tell them your prescription and the sunglasses you choose. They will make a pair of prescription sunglasses for you according your eye power.
  • Eric quick


    I think you'd better have your eyesight checked first. There are many places that will offer a free eye exam. If you have any interest, you can have a look. And then you may need to find out which kind of sunglasses that fit for your face shape and can flatter you the most. If you don't know how to choose a pair of sunglasses that are fit for your face shape, you input "face shape" in the input box on the top of this webpage and then you will find many suggestions for how to choose a pair of sunglasses that are suitable for your face shape. Hope this helped!
  • Jean Caster


    I don't know. Maybe the edges of the lenses will be very thick because sunglasses often have large lenses. Usually the higher the degrees the lenses have, the thicker the lenses will be. But there are some kinds of special materials that will make the lenses thinner even they are of the same degrees that common lenses has. You can have a look about the 1.90 highest index lens material.
  • Hunter jackson


    Do you like the round sunglasses? I think the edge of the lenses will be thinner because they have smaller lenses. Besides, the full framed glasses are suitable for high myopia. But a few people will choose round sunglasses. I don't know why. Maybe people are like to follow the fashion trend other than to be classical. However, if they don't go with your face shape or you don't like that kind of sunglasses, you can choose other kind of sunglasses. Nowadays big plastic framed sunglasses are very popular. You can have a try. Good luck!


    I think one of the most important things is to view the comments of the pair of sunglasses that you choose. The comments can reflect the quality of the products because you can't see the sunglasses by yourself before buying them. Besides, the size of the sunglasses is also very important. I have bought two pairs of sunglasses that are very large. When I bent down, they will fall to the ground. Though they are very beautiful and of good quality, I have to have them changed. So I strongly suggest you to pay attention to the size of the sunglasses. Hope this helped!