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Sunglass lens recommendations? Outdoor with lots of glare, outdoor computer use and driving.

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  • 04/14/2012

    polarized sunglasses are the best .They can remove the reflex that by caused by the sun, in the car, or at sea,giving you a more clearer view, so better to drive and certain sports.? moreover, polarized sunglasses give better protection from the sun than the non-polarized (and therefore more expensive).


    I think the polarized lenses can help solve your problems. You can buy a pair of polarized sunglasses. The polarized sunglasses are designed to filter glare from the surface of a smooth road or water surface. They can be used for driving because they can filter glare on the smooth road. And they are very popular among fishers because they can filter the harsh glare from the water surface and make them see more clearly when fishing.
  • Pete


    Choose the sunglasses that are with 100% UV protection because that kind of sunglasses is better than the sunglasses that can only block 98-99% UV rays from the sun. As you like to enjoy in the outside, protect your eyes is very important. But I do not suggest you to use computer in the outside though you will wear a pair of sunglasses. You'd better find some shelters for yourself.

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