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A couple of questions about prescription sunglases in wal-mart?

I have a couple questions about prescription sunglasses I like the big kinds of sunglasses, and the squarish ones. you think wal-mart will be able to put the lenses in the sunglasses if i have my prescription ready? 2. how much does it usually cost?
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  • 04/12/2012

    I think wal-mart will not bother to put the lenses for you since they are not specialized . Go to an sunglasses to find if they offer such service .
  • Nancy


    Sweetie, prescription is used to correct your vision problems. I think many eyeglasses stores can provide you with a pair of prescription sunglasses. The first thing you need to do is to choose a pair of sunglasses that fit for your face shape and your skins. Then the optician will make the sunglasses according to your prescription. You can have a try in wal-mart. Maybe they can do that for you too.
  • Vidadimir


    The cost depends, because the sunglasses of different brand or made by different materials will charge you differently. But I think usually a pair of sunglasses will charge more than $100. And the sunglasses should be 100 percent UV protection. Walmart sold prescription sunglasses. So you just need to take your prescription with you and choose a pair of sunglasses at walmart. Good luck!
  • Savannah


    There are some big framed sunglasses. You can have a look at And the sunglasses sold on this website are all with UV protection. I think a pair of prescription sunglasses will cost you nearly 100 dollars in the end. You can consult the online customer services to make sure that. Good luck!

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